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Long-awaited dj Robin Would @ EGG!

Ladies and Gents!

He's finally in London and cooking up a gig that will blow your minds away! Straight from South Africa, dj Robin Would takes the best beats under his fingers and does pure magic!

The influences on Robin's work are many and varied, stemming from sound crumbles collected on his music path over the years. Get a feel of his work here and hear how passion-possessed Robin Would tells the story and how his mood flows down his fingers to result in mixes that trigger profound reaction from the first till the last beat. At times mellow, dark sometimes, always deep and rich - his work projects the travel through experiences in the world of sounds that Robin generously shares.

Allow yourself to get infected by this magic at the return of the World's Most Famous Club Amnesia Ibiza @ EGG club (200 York Way, London) on 27 December (kick off at 22:00). Look for Robin Would in Arena 3 and get immersed in the perfect blend of techno, minimal, dub and house, with a personal touch that makes the rhythm melt smoothly into the back of your head.
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